Rapid integrations on a plug-in friendly dashboard app




Tech Stack

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, AWS

The Problem

Dasheroo were a start-up with a viable business idea: to provide a place were digital marketers and business people could see metrics from all the online tools they use in one place. The problem was that in order to build this, Dasheroo needed a build large number of integrations with their product.

Our Solution

The engineers at Dasheroo built a platform which supported integrations in a pluggable fashion. In order to add an integration, all a developer had to do was to write a plug-in for the application. The process of writing a plug-in was well-defined and standardised. It was convenient for us to “go to town” writing plug-in for Dasheroo. Before long the product had a volume of integrations necessary to make it a viable contender in the marketplace.


Dasheroo went from a proof-of-content to a fully-fledged MVP, ready to woo customers and meet revenue targets. This was possible due to the large number of integrations we added to the product.