Journey from an MVP to an acquisition




Tech Stack

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, ReactJS, Docker, Google Cloud, Kubernetes

The Problem

EssayJack came to us with a MVP. Their app was supporting a small user base, but it had a number of concerning problems. They were keen to understand why these problems were present. They wanted to make judgement calls on how next to proceed with product development. They were also keen to find a consulting partner to take ownership of the technical development of the product.

Our Solution

We took a detailed look at the app’s codebase, deployment and technical processes. We documented the things that were done well. We listed out where the app could be improved, and why the concerning problems highlighted to us were present and how to fix them. We compiled all this information in a PDF report, written for an executive audience.


The audit shed light on the root cause of many of the app’s problems. Utilizing this information we rebuilt a scalable and more stable version of EssayJack. Hivekind continued to provide product management, development and devops services to EssayJack until it's eventual acquisition