Rebuilding to scale efficiently




Tech Stack

PHP, Laravel, TypeScript, NextJS, Prisma, BlitzJS, NodeJS, Docker, PostgreSQL

The Problem

A product in our client’s suite was showing signs of technical debt. Inflexibility, slowness and bugs were dampening enthusiasm across the board. We performed a code audit, which quickly showed that a rebuild was necessary. But whether or not to rebuild wasn’t the pertinent question. The question was: how? Significant parts of the product used tooling which could be found elsewhere. It would save much time to reuse rather than reinvent the wheel. Every stakeholder had a different opinion on what was the best way forward.

Our Solution

An evaluation of options was necessary. With so many options to choose from (and the same number of stakeholders to convince) we had to take extra care to be scientific in our assessment. We formed a set of questions that could be asked of each approach. The questions covered topics such as feature gap, extensibility, deployment and integration with other systems. Our research was based on composing answers to these questions. We delivered a PDF report discussing each option under a common framework, along with our recommendation on which to proceed with.


The team chose the option we recommended. We went on to build a proof-of-concept in quick succession. Full product development is now underway on the rebuild. We were able to leverage existing open-source tools in order to implement two significant parts of the new product.