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Is your software project stuck?

Is your team slow at getting features out the door - with engineers stepping on each other's toes when shipping? Are bug reports mounting, Product Managers getting nervous, and healthy design choices taking a back seat to be repaid later?

What started as your lean-and-mean codebase has become rigid and fragile. You understand it (well, parts of it) but most of your team doesn’t grasp the whole thing. You’re supposed to be leading but instead of strategic planning you’re putting out another fire.

Other parts of the business are bearing down on you to produce changes more quickly. Your team is working hard but they’re getting slower and slower as time progresses.

Imagine your team keeping pace with business needs, seamlessly shipping without delay and without broken features reaching users. Your developers feeling fulfilled by their work, innovating rather than scrambling. Imagine getting this all sorted out without negatively affecting your team’s culture or self-worth.

Get started with Hivekind

Hivekind can help. We’ve helped teams like yours plot a course to breezy feature development. We understand what a healthy codebase and team dynamic looks like and we know how to get you there.

Our approach is not to come in and take charge of things. Rather, we work with you to identify projects we can do to facilitate your existing people and processes. When we’re around, your tech team will notice that their work becomes more convenient over time.

Want to know more? Schedule a call with Calum, Hivekind’s CEO to discuss how to get started.

Our Process

Schedule a Call

We’ll conduct a number of discussions with you to learn about your objectives, aspirations and pain points.



Once we have a baseline understanding of your situation, we’ll send you our initial recommendations and propose how to move forward.


We’ll help you understand the full nature of the project you have in mind. We'll learn all about your situation then give you further recommendations, define a project roadmap, suggest project objectives, set how success and progress will be measured, and make sure there's buy-in from other stakeholders in your organization.


Getting to Work

Having obtained a good read of the scale of the project in mind, we'll proceed to implementation based on the roadmap and objectives set during Discovery.