The transparent software development company.

Build meaningful products with a software development company that's committed to transparency; clear objectives, regular updates, frequent releases, and a fixed monthly cost.

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"We had worked with other IT providers and found budgets and timelines stretching. Not so with Hivekind."
Dr Lindy Ledohowski

Dr Lindy Ledohowski

CEO & Co-Founder, EssayJack

We are different.



Vetted through a 5-step process
Adequately vetted

Focus and Commitment

Team members are fully committed to one project at a time
Team members may work on multiple  projects simultaneously


Regular updates and feedback
Infrequent or poor communication

Project management

Clearly defined tasks and roadmap. Good documentation
Reactive planning. Very little or no documentation

Work transparency

Complete transparency
Limited transparency

Code and assets

You have full ownership and control
Limited access

There's more.

Tailored solutions

We believe in building software with you, not just for you, ensuring every solution meets your exact needs.

Scalable and flexible products

We build products that can effortlessly grow and evolve with your business.

Global perspectives

We have team members from over 10 countries, each contributing invaluable insights to the development of global products.

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"They acted not simply as a vendor, but as a true partner in the strategic development and delivery of our project."
Mitch Gelber

Mitch Gelber

CEO, Malaysia Green Building Council

Your vision deserves a dedicated software development team.

We're not about tech jargon or over-promising. Instead, we focus on clear communication, transparency in our process, and delivering results that speak for themselves.

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