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Our Services

Do you need help forming a successful distributed software team? Do you lead a team doing Rails or React and wish to accelerate your contribution to your organization’s output?

We offer a wide range of services to help you do just that.

If you’re not sure where to start feel free to schedule a call with us. We’d be happy to discuss your needs and recommend a suitable way forward.

Continuous Rails or React Development Support - $Custom

Are you steadily building and maintaining your existing Rails app, but need some extra help? We can complement your existing team by taking some of the burden off their plate. Since we build Rails applications according to best practices, some of our positive habits are bound to rub off in the process.

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Rails Project Rescue - $Custom

Are you responsible for a Rails application which has incurred significant technical debt? The application is central to your business, but it’s slow, outdated and almost impossible to maintain. Every week that passes the feeling that the hole is getting deeper looms large over your conscience. We can stop the rot. We can survey the extent of the problem, plot out a course of action and get you to a healthier place one refactoring at a time.

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Rails Alpha to General Availability - $Custom

You’ve built v1 of your product, identified market fit and now wish to launch to the public. But before you do, do you need to harden your app for scale and develop a number of necessary features? You may have had the ability to build a proof-of-concept, but as real world usage looms large in your future you feel out of your depth and would like a capable team to take the reins. We can take ownership of your initial codebase, recommend changes which will ready it for general availability, and do the legwork you need to get to real revenue capture.

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Legacy Application Rewrite - $Custom

Are you responsible for a web application which has become a black box to everyone involved? A legacy application, perhaps written in a language which no longer has an active community behind it, which works as long as you don’t change anything about the environment it runs in. The application is critical to your business, yet if it somehow stops working you won’t know what to do. We can bring you out of this situation. We can assess the nature of the problem and migrate you to a healthy and maintainable alternative.

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Rails Framework Upgrade - $Custom

Rails is the backbone of your tech stack. You’re happy with its ability to keep your team productive - so productive in fact that they don’t have time to perform an important maintenance task: upgrading the framework. Would you like a team of experienced Rails engineers to come in and implement that upgrade for you, as your team continues to work on important business objectives?

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Rails Maintenance Retainer - $Custom

Are you happily running a feature-complete Rails application, and need a baseline level of maintenance to be performed on it periodically? From keeping the framework and dependencies up to date, fixing the odd bug and ensuring that test coverage and code design remains healthy, we can do everything to keep your app in good shape.

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