Help us build amazing products.

Hivekind is an engineering company at heart. Founded by software engineers with a strong focus on getting things done, the emphasis on delivery and technical excellence runs strong and has been there from day one, guiding everything else. We take great pride on the quality of our work.

Hivekind team at the office

Our values guide everything we do.

Every decision we make is driven by the things we believe in.


We are good listeners, and we consider the feelings and thoughts of others before passing judgement. We appreciate and support each other to the best of our abilities.


We are informal and relaxed. We come from different backgrounds and cultures, and we celebrate it. We are fair and respectful to ourselves and to those we interact with.


We know that our understanding of the world is always incomplete. We know that we gain more knowledge as we work on problems. We accept this and inspect, learn, and adapt frequently.


We are strongly team-focused and believe that stable, effective teams are greater than the sum of their parts. We enjoy being members of our respective teams and the work we do.


We appreciate the trust, freedom, and autonomy given to us. We treat it with respect and understand the responsibility that comes with it.


We are honest with ourselves and highly transparent in the work we do. Our clients appreciate this even when we tell them what they did not want or expect to hear.

We leave a good impression.

Read what staff from client teams say about us.

"Words cannot describe what a wonderful group of people you are, and how much I've enjoyed working and interacting with y'all, even those folks I've never met in person. I'm so honored to have had the chance to get to know you all."
Yana Radenska

Yana Radenska

Former Software Engineer, Avvo

"I feel that you have all been such wonderful colleagues/friends and I'm just grateful to have met you all and had lunches, dinners and good laughs. Everyone at the company is honestly a real gem. Rare to find a genuinely good group of people such as yourselves."
Tamanna Patel

Tamanna Patel

Former Product Manager, EssayJack

Perks and Benefits

Work from anywhere

We've been a 100% distributed team from day one, embracing remote work.

Free lunch

Lunch is on us every time you come to work from our office.

Stay healthy

Comprehensive medical insurance and a dental/optical allowance.

Keep learning

Monthly budget to spend on educational materials or subscriptions.

Work computer

A MacBook Pro or equivalent  will be provided for carrying out work duties.

Enhance well-being

Monthly budget allocated to spend on various wellness services.

Hivekind team dinner

We take hiring seriously.

Our focus on hiring skilled individuals is fundamental to our mission of building great products.

1 - Resume Screening

We look at your resume and other professional profiles (e.g. LinkedIn, Github) to get an initial feel for fitness with the position.

2 - Technical Test

We send you a set of questions to complete in your own time. These questions test your technical knowledge and written communication skills.

3 - First Interview

A single interviewer will talk with you in broad terms to get a much better understanding of what you're looking for next in your career.

4 - Group Exercise

You'll be tasked with a technical task to be done together with a number of our senior staff members.

5 - Reference Checks

We'll speak to some previous managers to see what it would be like working with you.

6 - Offer

If you reach this stage, we'd love to work with you! We'll make you an official offer to join us.